Moments from Cosy Reading Night Christmas Edition

I always love to participate in Cosy Reading Night hosted by Lauren from Lauren And The Books, I think it’s such a great way to delicate some time just for reading. So when I heard about the special Christmas edition, I jumped in immediately. Remembering the time wrong, I had my Cosy Reading Night from 6PM to 9PM, instead of the official 7PM to 10PM. But that’s not important, the important thing was I enjoyed some quality times, with books. And I also had fun Instagraming - I made some stories when I was enjoy the coziness.

Since I posted the Vlog on my BookTube channel, I want to share some instagram stories here on my blog, and share more thoughts that I had during the event. But first, here’s the vlog:

Books mentioned in this video and the post:

Memorable Moments

First hour - The excitement

The first hour of Cosy Reading Night for me always means snacking.

I used to cannot spell “snacks“, and last year on one of the cosy reading night I participated, I tweeted “I ate some snake“ - a terrible mistake, I know. Thankfully, no one really thought I was a snake eater.

This round, I made a beautiful fruit plate since I cannot find any of my favorite snacks in store. Making myself healthier is my life goal now, and thanks to the weird store inventory, I didn’t have my cheat meal in cosy reading night.

The first book I read was THE FASTER I WALK, THE SMALLER I WAS. This is a translated book from Norway, I mentioned that I want to read it in my Women in Translation Recommendations and TBR video as one of my TBRs, and I was so excited that I got to it now!

second hour - the heaviness

In the second hour I read NEWTOWN, a nonfiction about the school shooting happened in 2012. In the book BECOMING, Michelle Obama spent quite some chapter talking about the Newtown tragedy, and her thoughts and actions after that.

I haven’t came to the US yet in 2012, school shooting for me at that time was a piece of heart breaking news from a far away country. But in recent years, shootings expended into many other public places, movie theaters, yoga class, pubs, concerts, companies. Thinking of these events made my second hour reading felt depressed.

In the beginning of NEWTOWN, the author talks about the activities the victim students did before they went to school on the shooting day. Knowing what’s going to happen next, made my heart broke.

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 7.49.53 PM.png

The third hour - the wrap up

I didn’t get to the third book I planned, KINDRED by Octavia E. Butler. Part of the reason was I wanted to continue reading the two books I started, part of the reason was I got so tired from (try to) wake up at 5AM every morning. You can tell how sleepy I was in my Vlog - I couldn’t even get the words right when I tried to speak.

But I was happy with the two books I read. Happy maybe not the suitable word considering the subject matter, but I look forward to read more from the two books, especially NEWTWON.

Did you participate in the Cosy Reading Night? I bet you had a great reading time and enjoyed a lot of delicious snacks. Oh by the way, my fruit plate was great except the blueberries - the blueberries were the least tasty blueberries I had in years. But holding the mindset of not wasting food, I still ate them all 😂.

Let me know how your reading was, and do you have reading plans for the Christmas holiday? Hope you enjoy your time in the holiday season, Merry Christmas!

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